Upcoming Party

The dungeon had been carefully prepared for the wet play – water sports. A plastic sheet on the floor with a canvas tarp over it. Three men sat in the center. Other men were able to wonder through and empty their bladders. The three men in the center were also able to piss on themselves and their partners. One was wearing a rubber hood with his mouth forced open by a metal device. He was drooling all over himself. Men could piss in his mouth if they wanted, but he was also donating his drool as lube for his fellow piss bottom who would be gang banged taking multiple loads.

And so it began. Lube boy was lubing up gang bang boy with his spit on his fingers. Someone wandered in and blessed the three with his piss. Then put his dick into lube boys mouth to get it wet for gang bang boy. Then gently put his dick into gang bang boy’s hole. He went back and forth between lube boy’s mouth and gang bang boy’s asshole until he was lubed enough to slowly begin stroking. He still occasionally pulled out so that lube boy could taste gang bang boy’s hole. All the while, men were walking in, pissing on the three and anyone else who wanted to try it.

And so the event unfolded. Gang bang boy would take lots of loads. Lots of men got to bathe in piss and drink the piss of their brothers. Lube boy worked overtime getting dicks wet to masturbate and fuck. When everyone was done cumming in gang bang boy, lube boy was able to take off his hood and felch the delicious loads from gang bang boy’s hole.

Disclaimer: All activity described in this script is consensual play. Any participant may end the scene for himself and leave at any time for any reason. Everyone who attends has the freedom to simply observe, masturbate to help raise the ambient erotic energy, or actively participate. All participants are responsible for themselves – Undetectable=Untransmittable (U=U), So if you want to avoid fluid exchange, say so. We encourage HIV- participants to be on PREP and HIV+ participants to keep up with their meds so they are undetectable.


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  1. Michael Winsor Avatar
    Michael Winsor

    I love water sports. You can piss on me any time you want. I just do not take it in the mouth. I love the warmth of warm piss as it runs down my body. I also like to pisd on others!!!

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