Lately, I’ve been exploring my desires around blow jobs. I taught myself how to deep throat a long time ago. Every now and then, I have a gag-spasm, and I wonder what that would fee like to the guy I am sucking. I imagine that the contraction of my throat around his cock would feel good.

Then I saw some porn where the top is fucking a man’s throat to the point where he gags and makes some slime come out. There are other videos where he actually throws up a little, or a lot, as he is being “throated.” It is extreme, but I find myself drawn to it. I also see it as a variation of breath control, which is also extreme.

So now my fantasy focuses on swallowing a cock all the way down my throat. I want my nose to nuzzle in his pubic bush. When he cums, I want him to pull my head down on his dick as he shoots down my throat. I can’t breathe when he does that. I’m also aware that my back teeth are narrow, so I can’t swallow cocks with a large girth.


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