Lube Dispenser

I want to be a human lube dispenser for men having sex. I will wear an eye-less hood and a device to hold my mouth open. I will naturally be drooling since I can’t close my mouth to swallow.

I sit by a wall with my hands behind my back. Masturbating mean can put their dick in my mouth to get them wet, and dip their fingers in to get them slippery to masturbate their dicks. I like the fingers reaching into my mouth for lube. I like the taste of cock on my tongue. I like the spit that drips out of my mouth onto my beard and chest. I like when men get some lube off my chest.

But it’s not just masturbation. Men get my lube on their fingers to lube up a man’s ass hole before getting their dick hard and wet to fuck the man. Their dick goes between my  mouth and the fucked ass. I’m in heaven as I taste another man’s rectum.

Some times, a man will spit into my mouth, contributing his own lube. Sometimes a man pisses in my mouth. Nothing like mixing some piss/spit for lube to use to masturbate and fuck. I sit like this human lube dispenser for a long time. I pass deep into sub-space and become an object. My mind is quiet as I serve, although I’m thoroughly aroused. Sometimes, someone cums in my moth, contributing to the slippery slime filling my mouth. I love the smell and taste of cum. I am ecstatic.


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