RexHarley RexHarley


Who are you?

You are an unlimited being. The more you are able to love yourself, the more you are able to love others. You have the capacity for unlimited love.

Rex Harley

I am an ally.

What if you had an ally standing beside you? What would you do? Face a fear? Heal a wound? Learn to love more deeply? Seek enlightenment? Have a peak experience? I am here to serve you and travel with you along your path.

I am an erotic mentor.

Do you have unmet needs? Are there desires you are afraid to explore? Do you want to be able to give and receive pleasure more deeply? Do you feel comfortable giving yourself the pleasure you deserve? We are all erotic beings. I can help you find out what you want and be unafraid to ask for it.

I am an erotic community builder.

Experiencing erotic pleasure in the company of others builds connections and bonds. I occasionally host clothing optional gatherings in my home. We might play board games, watch movies, or lounge by the pool. Or we might have an erotic show & tell, or masturbate together. This is a safe place to ask for what you want and say no to what you don't. I support organizations that fight for sexual freedom. All of this is to build stronger community in a world of artificial separation.

I am a Sacred Intimate.

People like me have been around since the beginning of man. I live where the physical and spiritual meet. Our culture tells us that these are incompatible. That is not my experience. We will not find peace until we learn to love our animal. We will continue hurting ourselves until we stop fighting our animal.