Ecstatic Sacred Intimate

My goal is to help you find healing, freedom, and joy in all aspects of your life

A passion for self acceptance

We are often told to suppress our natural instincts, but how can we be fully human without embracing ourselves as animals

Sacred Intimate

Providing support on your path of growth and healing.


Embracing erotic pleasure for pleasure’s sake.

Erotic Coach

Find encouragement through conversation, witnessing, and affirmation.


Naturally born nudist with a passion for sharing my erotic pleasure with those who wish to observe.

Content Producer

Much of my content to date has been solo, but always looking for others who want to co-produce content.

Erotic Explorer

My erotic history has been predominantly submissive because I have a fondness for seeing how others experience Eros.


  • Need someone to run an errand?
  • Need a package mailed?
  • Vacuum the pool?
  • Pickup a few groceries?
  • Research your travel plans?

An array of services

My growing suite of professional services caters to a diverse clientele.

Ecstatic Sacred Intimacy

  • Harness erotic energy.
  • Find Healing.
  • Experience growth.

Erotic Newsletter

  • Erotic fantasies.
  • Erotic tutorials.
  • Erotic resources.

“Of course, many of you are not professional sex educators, but I believe that every time we are erotically intimate with another, learning takes place – new neurological pathways are forged within bodies.”

Joseph Kramer